There are a large number of board games using hexagons - too many for me to offer a catalogue that I could keep up-to-date. I'll just list a selection:

One of the finest is the game of Hex (link to another page on this site); I've made some original contributions to the study of this game.

There are quite a number of ways to play Hexagonal Chess. The Chess Variants site has a whole list of them.

GIPF is a strategic game where in turn players place one piece until they get four-in-a-row. The website introduces several related games. Other links: Kurt Van der Branden's free game playing program GF1; and La Boite Jeux - French online play, welcomes English speakers

With Hexxagon you attempt to surround your opponent's counters. A Flash version of the game is widely available on the web - just search Google. You can also play by email on Richard's PBeM server, an excellent free games server.

Abalone is a marble board game, with the object of ejecting your opponent's marbles from the board.

The game of Susan was invented in 1991. It has simple rules, but the play is quite subtle. You can play by email on Richard's PBeM server, an excellent free games server.

Tantrix is a game where you place hexagonal tiles each with a unique set of coloured lines joining sides. The object is to produce a long continuous coloured line.

Advocates of the above games will doubtless feel such a brief description does them scant justice. They're probably right.

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