The current features of KHex include:

* saves to/loads from file
* selectable board size to 26x26, including assymmetric eg 10x11
* space to comment on each move
* remembers all moves you've tried, at every stage
* allows you to mark good/bad moves
* imports text from files directly (eg Playsite and Richard's PBeM)
* board set-up mode for demo boards
* game lock feature prevents changes while studying a game
* exports in Standard Game Format for future compatibility

KHex doesn't play against you, but is intended to help you to analyse the game.

It's written as a Java application (compiled using JDK1.1.8), which means it is reasonably portable (it'll run under Windows, Linux, Mac operating systems). To run it you need the 'Java runtime environment' ('JRE'), freely available from Sun


KHex (I guess about 50kB). Contains instructions on how to run it.

Java pages. You can download the 'Java runtime environment' ('JRE') starting here. If you need help write to me.


Andy Olsen kindly sent this game which was discussed in Maitreg's Hexer's club:


I'll try to add more games later

Standard Game Format:

Standard Game Format is a file format that was intended to allow interchange of games between applications. It appears to have progressed very little since I was first involved (several years ago), although there is a proposal to revise it to use XML.

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