Polyhexes are the hexagon version of polyominoes.

Polyominoes are the shapes you can make by joining squares by their sides - for instance a domino is a polyomino made from just 2 squares.

With polyhexes you join regular hexagons by their sides.

(the following catalogue omits mirror images)

With a single hexagon there is of course just one variant, which tessellates:

With two hexagons there is again just one variant, which tessellates (in many ways, of which one is shown):

There are 3 ways to arrange 3 hexagons; all tessellate, as shown in the (non-unique) examples here:

There are 7 ways to arrange 4 hexagons, which again all tessellate:

There are 22 ways to arrange 5 hexagons, which also tessellate:

There are 82 ways to arrange 6 hexagons, 333 ways to arrange 7... The sequence is in Sloane's catalogue of integer sequences..

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